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630 Series


A series of Lithium-based greases for general purpose lubricants for food processing equipment as well as industrial applications. With one series of products, inventory and purchasing can be consolidated with LUBRIPLATE "630" greases.

LUBRIPLATE No. 630-AAA, as an NLGI No. 0 lubricant, is ideal for centralized lubricating systems. Also excellent for certain types of enclosed gear cases (medium speed - no seals) as the lubricant will re-feed itself into the gear train.

LUBRIPLATE No. 630-AA is an NLGI No. 1 lubricant and the most popular multipurpose general grease. Ideal for automatic dispensing systems and centralized systems with large lines.

LUBRIPLATE No. 630-A is a heavy type NLGI No. 2.5 lubricant for applications requiring a cup type lubricant. Excellent for water pumps.

LUBRIPLATE No. 630-2 is an NLGI No. 2 lubricant and the ideal grease gun lubricant for general greasing. LUBRIPLATE No. 630-2 is available in the convenient 14-1/2 oz. grease-gun cartridge.


- Water resistant.

- Excellent grease mobility in constant service applications.

- High anti-wear for extra lubricity.

- Oxidation inhibited.

- Wide operating temperature range.