HEMS (Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution)

Reduced costs! Increased Productivity!! Higher Profits !!!
  • Monitor and manage heavy machinery from anywhere
  • Know the operator working on machinery
  • Know the actual working hours and break times
  • Monitor critical paramaters such as:
  • Switch off your machines from anywhere
  • Monitor the status of secondary engine in case of FMC Trucks
  • Monitor fuel consumption and catch fuel theft
  • Locate and track your dumpers / tippers / trailers in real time

Instant notification via SMS and email
  • Machinery / equipment switched OFF for more than stipulated time
  • Machinery being operated in prohibited period
  • Dumpers / tippers / trailers deviate from designated route

Special night vision camera installed anywhere for real time photos of :
  • Operator working on the machinery
  • Screen machine production
  • Excavator operating tool - bucket or breaker
  • Real time view of the load in dumper
  • General site operations

  • Detailed shift report of operator / machinery for day- to day monitoring
  • Operator productivity report - split of working hours and breaks taken during a shift
  • Machinery production report - give details of the time spent on maintenance and actual operating hours
  • Over speeding and unscheduled stoppage reports for trailers, tippers, dumpers etc.